Love Life or Love Life

I love a good oxymoron, a play on words, anything to get my brain to think and wonder. Rob Lowe’s newest book is called: “Love Life.” His title could really be more about his wife (the love of his life), about his love life, or what I think he really meant, which is to love the heck out of the life that is in front of us. In any case, Love Life is an interesting and thought-provoking memoir. I was a fan of his first autobiography, “Stories I Only Tell My Friends.” See, I like Rob Lowe. He plays interesting characters. From West Wing to Brothers and Sisters to Californication to Parks and Recreation, not to mention all the movies he has been in. Does Outsiders ring a bell? He does not play the same character again and again (as some actors tend to do), and I love that about him. When I happened across his first book, I thought it would be an annoying, pompous book from a famous Hollywood actor. It was nothing like that.

The writing is good, and while I do not know if he actually wrote it (who ever knows these days) it was still a compelling memoir of his life. He is very transparent about himself, his pros and cons, and you can tell in everything he says how much he loves his wife, two sons, and how important it is to him to be a dad. I loved this quote on the very first page:

“I think it was Alfred Hitchcock who said 90 percent of successful moviemaking is in the casting. The same is true in life. Who you are exposed to, who you choose to surround yourself with, is a unique variable in all of our experiences and it is hugely important in making us who we are. Seek out interesting characters, tough adversaries and strong mentors and your life can be rich, textured, highly entertaining and successful, like a Best Picture winner.” Page 1

It really makes you think about who you surround yourself with, and that while we do not always have a choice of who we interact with each day, we should focus on the situations we can control. Lowe never wanted to live a boring life, and neither should we! So get rid of the boring, the dull, and the uninspiring and bring on the adventure.

And, if you never take the leap and have more adventures, then you may never see success. Sometimes you have to have a few failures to find the gem. He discusses the different shows or movies he was involved in that did not make it off the ground, were cancelled, or just did not get the ratings.

“Maybe I’m in denial, but I don’t believe in ‘flops.’ You try something and it may not work. You try something and this time it might. You never know, and you have no choice other than to keep trying. The only time you flop is when you don’t learn something.” Page 148

Sort of like the Coldplay song, “Fix You” with a favorite line 0f mine: “If you never try you’ll never know.” I strongly believe that the tough times and disappointed moments turn into beautiful works of art. Sometimes we just have to have extreme patience as we go through the growing pains.

West Wing Is Back For 4:04 Minutes

I was a die-hard fan of West Wing. I still get nostalgic of the show. I mentioned a bit about West Wing in this recent blog post. Last week I came across this video on getting out and voting. The video was created as a campaign ad for Bridget Mary McCormack. Bridget McCormack and Mary McCormack (who played Kate Harper on West Wing) are sisters.

It is a great bipartisan video, encourages individuals to vote, and has a positive take (instead of the many snarky political ads we keep seeing). The added bonus is to see the West Wing cast back in action. Although I could not help but think about how Leo was missing (played by John Spencer who died in 2005).

Enjoy all of you West Wing fans!

New Show: The Newsroom

Are you a fan of the show: The West Wing? I was. Am. Will always be a fan.

If you are, then you have to check out the new show on HBO called “The Newsroom.” It is another Aaron Sorkin show, starring Jeff Daniels and Emily Mortimer and it has similar tones to The West Wing. All the news that happens on the show actually happened in very recent times. We know as an audience how certain events happen, and the characters do not have this information. So the audience has a context of what happens, while watching the characters unravel the world events happening in a newsroom and it makes for a very interesting and dynamic storyline for the viewer/audience. An example: the BP oil rig explosion in the Gulf and the newsroom is putting all the pieces together to report on this breaking news.

A quote my hubby shared with me of his thoughts: “It is a reboot of West Wing, clever, crafty, and with massive amounts of dialogue, very character driven in one setting. Very similar to Sports Night.”

Only two episodes have aired, and I am already writing about it, so those of you with HBO – watch it. Those of you who do not have HBO, add it to your list for when it comes out on DVD. Like with The West Wing, where they would have dialogue while walking through The West Wing halls, the dialogue also happens while walking. This time it is on the streets of New York. Here is a review of the show from The New Yorker.

Looking forward to future episodes! Would be curious to hear what you think.

In Plain Sight…Ending

I am a bit bummed out. There are only two episodes left of the TV show: In Plain Sight. Have you seen it? If not you will want to Netflix and start with the first season. I am getting too ahead of myself though. I started watching In Plain Sight because I was a West Wing addict. I really liked the role Mary McCormack played on The West Wing so when I saw she was on a new show a few years ago, I was intrigued.

Here it is five seasons later and I am sad, because it is the final season and there are only 2 episodes left. If you have not heard of In Plain Sight, it is about two US Marshalls supporting the Witness Protection Program. Not having ever witnessed a crime I really knew nothing about the Witness Protection Program. While this is a fictional show, the storyline is very realistic and it has really made me think about what it must be like to be a witness.  Your identity has to be changed. Nothing you did before can be the same. If you are a lawyer, you can do nothing pertaining to law. To give up your life, your job, friends, sometimes your family and start over fresh somewhere else, so you can stay safe because of something you witnessed.

I also like watching In Plain Sight, because well Mary Shannon (Mary McCormack’s name on the show) is a badass. Yes, I use this word a lot. She does not take crap from anyone, she is strong, brave, and has no patience for the trivial parts of life. You want her on your side. Can you tell sassy women inspire me?

So while I mourn the loss of this great TV show, I hope you add it to your list!