Missed moments

By the mere fact that you are reading this blog it means you are on a smartphone, an iPad, or on your computer. A device that lets you connect to the Internet and go to a webpage. I love all my blog readers and followers, but for today I am going to tell you, read this blog today, watch the video below, and then turn it off for the day, or better yet, pick a day of the week to put your phone away, or a day a month, or if that might be hard for you, start by putting your phone down for an hour a day, and maybe gradually increase that to more and more time.

Some of you might have already seen this video, or it has been displayed on your Facebook or Twitter feed. Regardless I encourage you to watch it again and think about how many opportunities have you lost because you were too busy reading emails, scanning your Facebook feed, sending a tweet, or posting to your Pinterest board? I am just as much to blame. Yesterday I was at a conference and found myself in and out of a distracted mind between work emails, the presentations, and feeling completely out of it. I took ideas away from the day, but what if I had just turned my phone off? How many times are you in meetings and you see the same behavior (yourself or others) throughout the day?

I have written before about Sliding Doors moments, and I wonder if our phone is often that train that means that because our head is down, or our focus is off, that we miss out on important eye contact, fun moments, and maybe worse of all I wonder if our distraction actually makes others not trust us. Do we ever lead people to think that our phone is more important than they are to us? Yikes. There are times when Chris and I will go out to a nice restaurant and have somehow over time built a pact that we are there to be together Рaka Рno phones.

Watch this poetic way of getting us to realize how many moments we miss each day.


Do You Put Yourself Out There?

I often think about why it took me so long to write a blog. Looking back I felt what I had to say was boring and that folks would think that whatever I would have to say was BORING. In the end, I finally took the plunge and put myself out into the blogosphere. Yes, many might find me boring, but I have also been happily surprised with the response from folks and their interest in my blog. It is a gradual evolution.

As I think more and more about it, I think many individuals have felt in similar ways. There are those on Facebook who tell you about every moment of their day, including how many times they went to the bathroom (you know the ones)! Others are what might be called cyber stalkers. We all have a bit of cyber stalking inside of us. Whether we are looking at photos of individuals we went to school with, old friends, or those you wonder what happened to after so many years.

Whether you over share, or barely exist online, we all to some extent can be hesitant to share about our daily life online. It might have to do with feeling concerned about the security of our life online. Or, it might be that we are not sure we want to put ourselves out there, especially if there is no response from those in our social networks. It is a question I have been wrestling with, for myself and the greater online community. What makes us share? What makes us hold back?

Do you put yourself out there?