Cutting thorns off roses

I cannot remember if I was in high school or college, but over my Christmas break (which was usually a few weeks to a month) I would go home to Indiana and work in a flower shop. Now I was not a talented designer or florist, I rung up orders, cleaned the thorns off roses, unpacked flowers, made bows for poinsettias, and dusted the plants (yes plants needed dusting and spraying so they would be ready for funerals). Since I worked around Christmas time, there were quite a few individuals and families that ordered wreaths and flowers for their loved ones at cemeteries. It was an interesting time. Flowers for weddings, funerals, holiday parties, Christmas wreaths, poinsettias for offices and homes, flowers for significant others. It was fun to watch all ways that flowers were shared.

I only worked there a few Decembers, but I enjoyed my time. The couple that owned the business were interesting. The other florists had stories of their own, but I loved how the wife/florist would be able to ask questions to those purchasing flowers to somehow get them to talk. She was a quiet woman but somehow in asking what they wanted she would get a story. I would answer the phone, often FTD orders, and hear a story for why the individual was sending flowers across the country or the world. I always encouraged a card for someone to share their story, their thoughts, and feelings. What an interesting business to be in!

Today I love having fresh-cut flowers in my home. There is something luxurious about fresh-cut flowers, and while I have to be careful of which flowers I have in the house (due to Chris’ allergies) I find that many of the ones I love work out well with his nose. Fresh cut hydrangeas, calla lilies, or tulips are on the top of my list. Last week I found that all my outdoor spring flowers were coming up. A few crocuses have even bloomed. I know it is only early March, but it is so exciting to know that Spring is on its way with green stems pushing out above the soil. My large hydrangea bush has large green buds at the tips of the branches.

It is the little things right? The things we get to look forward to each day. I love remembering all those individuals I connected with over a decade ago as they selected their flowers by look, smell, or meaning. A flower can bring a smile to the face.

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