A man and his TV…

What is it about a man and his TV? I was traveling this weekend and while running on the treadmill at the hotel I was staying at, I watched a bit of “Love it, or List it.” A Canadian TV show with 2 hosts, a realtor that wants to find that perfect place for the family, or the designer that can make changes to your home and make you want to stay. At the end of the episode the couple decides if they are going to stay in their current upgraded home (Love it) or sell their current home and buy a new one (List it).

While watching “Love it, or List it” over the weekend, there was an episode about a man and his massive TV. The realtor (a man) was in heaven seeing the massive TV. The designer (a woman) did not get why such a large TV was a big deal. So what is it about the man and the big TV? Such a variety of options, sizes, HD, pixels, etc. Yet, most of the women in my life could care less about any of it. So what is it about a man and his TV? Why do they get so over zealous to watch a football game on high definition? Is it because it feels like you are literally at the game, with a crisp, clear picture?

I never saw the end of the show, as I had finished my run and was back to my room for a shower and on to the rest of my day, however somehow I think that TV was allowed to stay. (The wife had remarked in an interview that they always fought about the TV). It is not an argument topic for us, but I think a big TV might always make it on the top ten list of must haves for Chris.

Regardless, I have resorted to chalking a man and his TV in the category of “it I what it is.” What item would you say about a woman? “A woman and her …”

4 thoughts on “A man and his TV…

  1. [alert! generalizations ahead]

    i feel that it is as simple as human simulators: men = sight; women = touch. couple this with human foci: men = linear; women = multitasker. lastly, link this to human communal drivers: men = small group minimal contact ; women = broad group with multi-touch contact.

    a large HD television with dolby surround sound allows us men to be overwhelmed with stimulation (sight with some sound) while headlong (linear) into a game or an action movie or a history channel show on wwII armaments (what a small group of friends may like). it almost allows us to digress into our hunter mentality when we are tracking and animal that will feed our family/tribe for a week. the more overwhelming, the better.


  2. Wow! I really like the response from @edwarddpierce. Very detailed. I’d break it down in simpler, more caveman terms. Still, it’s good to preface this with the caveat that these are generalizations.

    FOR MEN//
    It’s the entertainment value. Guys can get lost in a game or movie that looks (and sounds, if they create their system right) stunningly real… it’s enveloping. I bet there are times when a woman could say a man’s name multiple times (in multiple volumes) before getting his attention. It’s also the tech – many of us geek out on technology. Bottom line, the realistic sound and visuals kicks our imagination into hyperdrive. It feeds our imagination muscle.

    What my wife has said – how she came to understand my Neanderthal-ways – is that I like and get as much out of movies (plot, cinematography, sound) as she does with books (use of words, the feel of the pages). Her books are my movies and visa versa. She can get lost in an author’s skill in telling a story, weaving a plot just right to make it challenging as opposed to some simple read… I’m going to stop right there. I’m not exactly sure how to put it – she likes books as much as I like movies. Books feed her imagination muscle.

    There are exceptions to the rule, of course.



    • Kurt – I can totally see this. I relate to your wife. Often Chris will watch a guy movie while I am curled up next to him on the couch with my book. TVs are canvases to your imagination…


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