Taking risks

Do we take enough risks in life? We take risks everyday. It might be in a meeting where you have to be courageous and say the tough things to another co-worker. It might be with a spouse or loved one, where you might need to be brutally honest with them about something and you know it is going to be a tough conversation. Most of the times when we open our mouth we take risks, it just might depend on how calculated we are before the risk is obvious to us.

You might take a risk by going on the blind date, or walking into a room with hundreds of people and you only know a few of those people. A risk really depends on what scares you, makes you uncomfortable, or maybe a bit squeamish. It means you might just be outside of your comfort zone.

How often do you take risks? Hopefully more often than not. If we do not take risks, we do not move our lives forward. If we remain comfortable, we rarely grow. That is what life is really about — allowing the risks we take to potentially change us and make our lives better. Yet, we do not know if that will happen if we do not put one foot in front of the other and take a risk.

What would a risk look like to you?

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