Absolute BLISS

A colleague shared this video in a meeting today, and it made me laugh and it made me ponder how much we really appreciate each moment of every day. Most of us have some (maybe not all) but some of our creature comforts available to us easily. Yet I wonder because we have access to most things, do we take them for granted?

This video is of a Norwegian man, Aleksander Gamme, who is on Day 86 of his trek in Antarctica. When he comes to his final food supply (at 0:54) …well you will have to watch. His bliss is contagious. What if we showed this excitement when we have something happen in our world? It would definitely spread happiness to those that watch us squeal in glee!

What did you think? Cheese Doodles never looked so good. I love his accent, that in itself makes me happy. I am going to try it for a few days. Squeal with delight when something unexpected yet good happens and see if my excitement spreads to those around me. Want to try it with me?

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