Even two acts of kindness could not cure my crankiness

It was so nice to have a long weekend. Somehow we got plenty done, did some fun things, caught up with friends and family, and had some naps dabbled within all that. Saturday we napped in the late afternoon (so nice)! Saturday night I fell asleep snuggled on Chris’ nap, and then Sunday we had brunch and I curled up next to him on the couch for a snooze, only to find out my snuggling with him made him fall asleep sitting up. Ah, how nice naps are for adults.

It was an interesting weekend, on Sunday I was quite cranky, and then two random acts of kindness happened to me (and yet I was still cranky). The first happened at the Starbucks drive-thru. I was very thirsty, as all weekend it was between 97-102 degrees which almost never happens in Portland, and definitely not before July 4th. Usually we are just hoping for a slightly warm and dry 4th. This year we got dry and hot-as-hell too. Chris and I spent most of our time in our bedroom where we have air conditioning.

So back to the random acts of kindness at Starbucks. When we got up to the window to pay, the girl at the window said, “The woman in the car ahead of you paid for your drink.” Wow. I always hear of that happening, but it has never happened to me (that I can remember). It makes me want to pay it forward the next time I am at Starbucks. You would have thought that would have lightened my mood. It made me grateful and appreciative, but nonetheless I was still cranky.

Random act of kindness #2. We were at Sephora. Not my favorite place in the world. It was loud, (and remember I was cranky). The line was long and I was done with my errands and just wanted to go home. As I am next in line at the register, the girl who had just paid turns to me and says, “Would you like to use the rest of this gift card? There is only a dollar left.” I was a bit taken aback. Sure, it was only a dollar, but she did not have to pass it on. Most people would keep it until their next purchase. Of course, she might dislike the store as much as me, and hope not to go back. In any case, I think I was a bit shocked at the second act of kindness in one day. I mumbled a “thanks” and continued with my purchase. Later, though I felt like my shock meant I did not share my gratitude in the best of ways. Sure, it was a dollar, but sharing is sharing.

This was my story of the kindness that was shared with me yesterday, now it is my turn to pass on the love. Join me?

“Did I leave my jacket at your place?”

Last week I received this email from Oxfam with the subject line: “Did I leave my jacket at your place?” I could tell by the email address that it was from Oxfam, which often I just delete depending on how many emails I have to go through. I got a chuckle reading the subject line and decided that their cleverness was enough to make me read their email. An impressive marketing ploy to get their subscribers to read their messages. It makes me want to take it to the next level in my own writing (work and personal) to continue to find clever ways to give others a laugh, or make them curious about what might be inside an email. With our full inboxes, often filled mostly with junk, it is refreshing to find a message that adds a little humor.

See below for the full email from Oxfam:

Hey Tami –

Aziz Ansari Goat

It’s Aziz Ansari. And of course I didn’t leave a jacket at your place. I’ve never been to your home.

But I’m glad you opened this email, because I actually wanted to talk to you about something much more important. I want to tell you that this holiday season, you need to get a gift from OxfamGifts.com. Your gift could be exactly what someone in poverty needs to build a better future for their family.

Get your family gifts they’ll love. Instead of the usual boring gifts, why not get your mom some bees ($18)? No, not like a swarm that will attack her, I mean some bees that go to rural farmers so they can learn the latest beekeeping methods and harvest more honey from their hives. More honey means more money for families in need. That’s pretty cool, right?

And for dad, instead of a tie, get him some goats! A goat ($50) can provide fertilizer and food for families. Does a goofy tie provide fertilizer? NOPE.

Check out my video to see what’s so special about OxfamGifts.com this year and start shopping now >>

Here’s how it works:
You purchase an item.
You personalize a gift card.
The card goes to your friend or loved one.
Your donation goes to those who need it most.

What are you waiting for? See why everyone wants to give – and get – chickens, wells and other life-saving gifts this holiday season >>

You get to skip the mall, find the perfect present for everyone on your list and help people in need, all without leaving home – I’d call that a major win. Start shopping now >>

Best wishes,

Aziz Ansari

Aziz Ansari
Oxfam Ambassador